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Clock Restoration and Repair Services

Genesis Watchmaking specialises in Longcase Clock repair but will consider any quality clock as suitable for our service. All work is comprehensively  guaranteed.

Our state of the art workshop allows for comprehensive and complex repairs. The slide show below shows the repair of just two components during a longcase restoration. The clock is now working perfectly.

For a free estimate on your clock repair simply enter the job details on the form provided here.

Or for guidance on our  clock servicing prices click here .

Full clock servicing will include:

  • The clock collected from your home.

  • The movement stripped to its component parts.

  • The components ultasonically cleaned.

  • All the working surfaces polished or renewed.

  • Any damanged parts repaired.

  • The fit of the components checked and adjusted as necessary.

  • The restored components re-cleaned.

  • The movement remade and oiled.

  • The case lightly cleaned.

  • The movement recased and set up correctly.

  • The clock timed and tested using our state of the art testing equipment.

  • A substantial guarantee issued.

  • The clock delivered and set up in your home.

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